HemaCore offers two models of Thrombodynamics Analyser System:

  • Model T2-F, where «F» stands for «Fibrin generation registration»
  • Model T2-T, where «T» stands for «Thrombin generation registration» (in addition to fibrin)

Intended Use:

Thrombodynamics Analyser System T2 is intended for basic research use to provide qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the coagulation state of a blood plasma sample.

For this purpose Thrombodynamics Analyser System T2 records and analyses spatiotemporal dynamics of formation/lysis of a fibrin clot (T2-F model) and spatiotemporal dynamics of thrombin generation simultaneously with spatiotemporal dynamics of formation/lysis of a fibrin clot (T2-T model). 

Clotting starts from the localized coagulation activator and propagates in a thin layer of non-stirred blood plasma sample. The T2 System analyses spatiotemporal dynamics of fibrin clot formation (T2-F and T2-T models) and thrombin generation (only T2-T model) and calculates numerical parameters describing the coagulation process.


Thrombodynamics Analyser System T2 consists of:

  • Thrombodynamics Analyser Device (T2-T or T2-F model)
  • Personal Computer (Notebook) with Thrombodynamics Analytical Software installed
  • Accessories and supplies:
    • Bar-code scanner
    • Mouse for notebook
    • USB & LAN adapter
    • Service kit
    • User manual

Comparison of models:

Model  T2-F  T2-T
Measurement type
  • Thrombodynamics (TD)
  • Thrombodynamics (TD)
  • Thrombodynamics-4D (TD-4D)
Measurement principle
  • Registration of ligth scattering signal from the growing fibrin clot
  • Registration of ligth scattering signal from the growing fibrin clot
  • Registration of fluorescence signal during cleavage of synthetic AMC-based substrate by thrombin
Number of channel    2
Measurement duration
  • 30 min for TD
  • Max duration - 8 hours
  • 30 min for TD bu default
  • 60 min for TD4D by default
  • Max duration - 8 hours
  • 4 test/hour for TD measurements
  • 4 test/hour for TD measurements
  • 2 test/hour for TD4D measurements
Temperature control 30-40 °C for all channels simultaneously (0.5 °C  step)
Sample volume and type 0.12 ml of platelet free plasma (PFP)
Dimensions 430x230x160 mm (device without notebook)
Weight 10 kg max (device without notebook)
Power supply 100-242 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption 230 VA max


Measurement Results:

Thrombodynamics Analyser System provides following measurement results:

  • Videos and images of growing fibrin clot and AMC fluorescence during thrombin generation
  • Results of mathematical analysis of videos: calculated parameters of fibrin propagation and thrombin generation, charts and curves.
  • Reports (PDF)

All results are stored in software database. User can search, compare, print, export and import results of the measurements.

Thrombodynamics registration

  Parameters of spatial dynamics of fibrin propagation from activating surface:
  • Lag time for clot formation start (Tlag)
  • Rate of clot growth (V)
  • Spontaneous clots formation time (Tsp)

Thrombodynamics-4D registration

Parameters of spatial thrombin propagation from activating surface:
  • Stationary amplitude of thrombin peak (Ast)
  • Rate of thrombin peak propagation (Vt)
Parameters of thrombin generation on activating surface:
  • Maximum thrombin concentration (Cmax_ATG)
  • Time to peak (Tmax_ATG)

Running assays video