Reveals patients with high thrombotic or bleedings risks

Allows monitoring of efficacy & safety of anticoagulant therapy (any drugs, including new generation of direct anticoagulants)

Global test – easy for understanding and interpretation

The test is based on the latest findings of biological science and nanotechnology

We help clinicians succeed providing clear and reliable estimation of patients coagulation state, thus preventing thrombotic or bleeding complications.

Intended Use

Thrombodynamics Analyser System is intended for basic research use to provide qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the coagulation state of a blood plasma sample. For this purpose Thrombodynamics Analyser System records and analyses spatiotemporal dynamics of formation/lysis of a fibrin clot (Thrombodynamics assay) and spatiotemporal dynamics of thrombin generation simultaneously with spatiotemporal dynamics of formation/lysis of a fibrin clot (Thrombodynamics-4D assay).  Clotting starts from the localized coagulation activator and propagates in a thin layer of non-stirred blood plasma sample. The T2 System analyses spatiotemporal dynamics of fibrin clot formation and thrombin generation and calculates numerical parameters describing the coagulation process.